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Have the information you need to make great trades right at your fingertips

We’re entering a golden era of global decentralised finance (DeFi) built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Hundreds of new tokens are available to buy and sell every hour as thousands of people take their first steps in the DeFi space every day.

Keeping track of your assets in this fast-paced, ever-changing environment can be challenging. That’s why we created Peachfolio, an intuitive app for tracking your DeFi portfolio.

With Peachfolio, all the information you need to make great trades is at your fingertips.

Introduction – trading in the BSC DeFi ecosystem

The BSC DeFi ecosystem is home to an ever-increasing number of innovative new projects with the potential to exponentially increase in value over short periods of time. Daily BSC transactions have exploded, increasing more than 30-fold in just five months.

This fast-paced nature of trading tokens on BSC means you need to keep a close eye on your DeFi portfolio. You need second-by-second data and deep-dive insight into your portfolio’s performance to be a successful trader.

What if tracking your DeFi gains could be as simple as opening an app? That was the question that sparked the creation of Peachfolio; a new DeFi portfolio tracker app designed by DeFi traders, for DeFi traders. It lets you see the current value of your DeFi cryptocurrency tokens in one easy location.

Tracking your portfolio – current state of the market

At present, accessing basic information such as the value of your portfolio or up to date prices of the tokens you hold is frustratingly complicated.

Current solutions involve cumbersome workarounds. You could try simulating a swap from your token to BNB on PancakeSwap to judge the value. Or you could try feverishly watching a chart while attempting to calculate the value of your holdings at the same time.

There are a number of apps on the market right now for tracking your cryptocurrency portofolio, but none of them are optimized for the DeFi space.

There is clearly an urgent need for a simple and effective solution to portfolio tracking on BSC.

What Peachfolio offers

We examined our own tracking needs as DeFi investors, conducted market research, and examined the tracker apps that are currently available. We identified key features that no other tracker on the market can provide.

We also identified the need for a DeFi project people can believe in, with real value, genuine people behind it, and the potential for true longevity. We were able to bring together a passionate team with the required expertise, experience, and knowledge to deliver this.


Transaction tax : 8%

  • 4% redistribution to holders
  • 2% operational costs & app development
  • 2% liquidity

Anti-whales measures

The Peachfolio token is protected with 1% maximum transaction limits


About us

We’re a cross-cultural multi-disciplinary team based around the globe. Our team is filled with experts from the fields of computer science, finance, marketing, and social media.

We’re good at what we do. Our Developer team are post-doctoral academics in computer and data science. Our Finance experts work in Auditing and Financial Services Regulation. Our Social Engagement and Marketing teams develop innovative campaigns for some of the world’s top brands.

We’re led by Project Managers with a proven track record of bringing major projects to completion. We know what it takes to turn a seed of an idea into a great product.

What brought us together is a love of the DeFi space. At heart, we’re investors who want more from the DeFi tracking apps on the market. We experience the same pain points as you do every day, and this is what drives us and inspires us to deliver.

We’re excited to have developed a great product to make your life easier and a token that’s a great long-term asset for your portfolio. We can’t wait to share it with you soon.


We hope you agree with us that there’s a great need for a DeFi portfolio tracking solution that’s fast, efficient, and user-friendly.

We’ve laid out in this whitepaper how we will bring that solution to market, develop it, and meet the actual needs of DeFi holders.

We’ve also provided a detailed breakdown of our vision, our roadmap, and how you can become a part of this journey.

DeFi portfolio tracking just became simple with Peachfolio, your DeFi companion.

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